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PRC 2015 allowances

Revised Pay Scales, 2015 

RPS 2015 G.Os Details in Telugu

PRC Master Scale and Department wise Scales G.O 25

RPS 2015 DA ratio and proposed DA rates Jan,14& Jul,14 -G.O 26

RPS 2015 HRA ceiling amount G.O 27

RPS 2015 CCA rates G.O.28

Procedural Instruction circular Memo 68/1 to RPS 2015 implementation

Pension and Family Pension in RPS 2015 G.O 33

House Building Advance in RPS 2015 G.O 37 

Automatic Advancement Scheme in RPS 2015 G.O 38

Manual Special Pay and Allowances G.O 56 

Slaughter house allowance to veterinary Assistants in RPS-2015 G.O 58

Grey Hounds Allowance in PRC 2015 to the Police Department - G.O.59

PRC 2015 Travelling Allowance G.O 60 - Download

PRC 2015 Incentive Allowance to Armed Head Constable, Armed Police Constable and Scout Allowance to Teachers - G.O 61

Risk Allowance G.O.Ms.No. 65 - Download

E.S.I allowance G.O.Ms.No. 67 Dt. 04.05.2015

Ration allowance G.O.Ms.No. 68 Dt. 04.05.2015

Attenders who are required to attend to the duties of Driver G.O.Ms.No. 71

Leprosy Allowance to Medical and Para Medical staff  G.O.Ms. No. 72

Fixed Travelling allowance ( FTA ) G.O.Ms.No. 73 Dt. 04.05.2015

Office Allowance and Maintenance Allowance G.O Ms.No. 74 Dt.04.05.2015

Uniform Maintenance Allowance G.O.Ms.No. 82 Dt. 26.05.2015

Incentives to the Staff on Deputation G.O.Ms.No. 83 Dt. 26.05.2015

HRA CCA to Judicial Services G.O.Ms.No 84 Dt. 26.05.2015

AHRA Amendment to the Police Department G.O.Ms.No. 85 Dt. 27.05.2015

GIS Slab rates in RPS 2015 G.O.Ms.No. 151

AHRA to Employees working in schedule area and projects