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Friday, 3 April 2015

ZPGPF slips

ZPGPF Schedules :

Local bodies Teachers long period desire come into reality about ZPGPF accounts on line, the accounts on line work is almost completing stages in almost districts in the Telangana State.

Steps to get ZPGPF Slips

1. Click  on below link Select ZILLAPARISHAD
2. Enter Your Local ZPGPF account number
3. Enter Passwaord
    Password is emp followed by local GPF Number
4. Enter Below Text 
5. Click on submit button


 Employee's district : Nizamabad 
 Local GPF Number is 15467
 then the steps are 

Enter the details like shown below

ZPGPF Slips - click here


  1. sir treasury site lo proceeding ravadam ledu .proceeding okkati mee software lonidi pettavacha?

  2. Not only proceedings you may use total papers print but submit in online bill

  3. Sir i'm from andhra. how can in your state fixed for apprentice teachers' in RPS-2015 ( as on 1/7/13 in apprentice period teachers prc)

  4. thanks for your instructions! now I can easily do it. research paper writing service can help you in all writing tasks that you have.

  5. Thanks for updating ZPGPF slips hence i'm unable to get the slips(Ledger Cards) from 2014 April. Please do the needful as early as possible.

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