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Wednesday 14 February 2024

Contract JL to Regularized JL IT FY 2023-24 in 194J and 192

So many Contract JLs appointed as Regular JLs on dated 04.05.2023, for these JLs has been paid professional income for the months March,2023 to 3rd May,2023 as per section 194J, remaining period paid salary in the financial year 2023-24 i.e from 4th May, 2023 to Feb,2024 month salaries, as per the section 192.

Here I am providing the required Annexures 

TS Contract JLs not regularized IT FY 2023-24 Full Version 1.0

TS_CJL to JL_IT FY 2023-24 Full Version 1.0.1 


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