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Thursday 14 May 2015

PRC 2015 Drivers Special Allowance RPS 2015 GO 79

  • Telangana state Government has been released one more allowance which is special allowance to the Drivers as per PRC recommendations G.O. Ms. No. 79 Dt. 14.05.2015 in RPS 2015.
  • The Tenth Pay Revision Commission, in its report recommended for enhancement of Special Pay to drivers from Rs.350/- per month to Rs.500/- per month 24-04-2015 and also recommended to extend these benefits to Assistant Drivers of Launches /boats/ Steamers, Road roller operators and Launch Drivers under work charged establishment. 
  • Government have accepted the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission and accordingly hereby order that the Special Pay, now being paid to Drivers at Rs.350/- per month shall be enhanced to Rs.500/- per month. 

  • These orders are applicable to all the Drivers of the Government belonging to work charged Establishment working in all Engineering Departments of Irrigation /Projects / Roads & Building / Panchayat Raj / Public Health Municipal Engineering, and also to the Drivers of Tractors and other moving vehicles and to the regular operators of Road Rollers. The special pay at Rs.500/- per month is also payable to the categories of posts of Assistant Drivers of Launches / Boats /Steamers, Road Roller Operators and Launch Drivers of Work Charged Establishment. 
  • These orders are also applicable to the Drivers working in the Municipal Corporations and Municipal Councils, Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas and Agricultural Market Committees. The expenditure shall however be met from the respective Institutions from their own funds. 
  • These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.05.2015. 

G.O.Ms.No. 79 Dt. 14.05.2015


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