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Thursday 9 April 2015

Mission Kakatiya

Mission Kakatiya Programme TNGO’s Contribution

Chief Minister’s Relief Fund – Representations from Telangana Irrigation NGO’s Central Union, Hyderabad and Telangana Engineer JAC, Hyderabad – Contribution of One Day Basic Pay to “Mission KakatiyaProgramme” vide G.O Ms. No 35 Dated 09.04.2015. 
The amount of One Day’s Basic Pay deducted shall be credited to the Mission Kakatiya Fund, under the following Head of Account as Civil Deposit, exclusively for Mission Kakatiya Programme by way of by attaching separate schedules by DDOs to the pay bills for the Month of April, 2015.

MJH- 8443 – Civil Deposits
 800- Other Deposits
SH – (02) Chief Minister’s Relief Fund
 003 – Mission Kakatiya (to be opened)

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, TS, Hyderabad and the Pay and Accounts Officers, TS, Hyderabad shall personally responsible to ensure that full deductions are made and remitted into the above mentioned Head of Account and inform the same to “Mission Kakatiya” Programme and inform the same to the Principal Secretary to Government, Irrigation & CAD, T.S., Secretariat, Hyderabad and to the Principal Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Telangana Secretariat, Hyderabad without fail.

Mission Kakatiya G.O 35

Mission Kakatiya


G.O. Ms. No. 35 Dt. 09.04.2015 - Download


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