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Friday, 10 April 2015


Group Insurance scheme

Group Insurance Scheme introduced to the State Government employees in place of Family benefit scheme w.e.f. 01-11-1984.  The employees have been classified into (4) Groups i.e. Group A, B, C & D depending upon the scale of pay drawn by them. Consequent on implementation of Revised Scales of Pay, 1986 to the State Government has revising the groups based on the scale of pay, consequent on the implementation of Revised Scales of Pay respectively. 

The classified Groups described the Units
Group “D” -1Unit, 

Group “C” -2Units,
Group “B” -4Units and 
Group ”A” -8Units  
‘There is however no change in the insurance cover i.e. the amount of insurance cover will be Rs.15,000/- for each unit of subscription. 

         To ensure proper implementation of the scheme, all the Heads of Departments are requested to follow the instructions given below scrupulously.

i).    The date of assumption of the charge of a higher post and the date of orders of reversion to a lower post shall be taken as criterion for determining the change of group.
 ii).      In case of appointment to Automatic Advancement Scale, the date of orders shall be taken    
           as criterion for change of higher group.
 iii).     The Drawing and Disbursing Officer shall be held responsible for recovery of correct
             subscription in respect of the group to which the employee belongs and in case of failure, the difference due shall be recovered from the Drawing and Disbursing Officer concerned.
iv).   Regular audit of all claims under Group Insurance Scheme, and send a report to the Head of the Department concerned for any lapse.
v).   The Head of the Department concerned shall take action against the erring Officials who are responsible for the excess/less recoveries, wherever they are detected.

Group Insurance Scheme

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