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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Compassionate Appointment - Required documents and Certificates

Required Certificate and Documents for Compassionate Appointments for Dependents of Government Employees who died or retired on medical invalidation.

Compassionate Appointments G.Os

Death Certificate

Affidavit Certificate ( No Objection Certificate)

Individual Application

Family Members Certificate

Employment Card

Qualification Certificate

SSC Certificate

Bonafide Certicate

No Earning Certificate

Residential Certificate

Caste Certificate (other than OC)

No Property Certificate   

Financial Status Certificate (by RDO)



  1. sir how can we get family members certificate for people who retired through medical invalidation. At present senario me-seva is issuing family member certificate only for deceased people..

  2. If the customer unable to take printout of the website putta, what is the need of service.
    This is request to you if you want to service the people gice read permissions to the doccuments to take prints.

  3. Dear sir where can i get the financial certificate and how can i apply . is it necessary now on compassionate appointment.plz mail me at arjunthefriend@gmail.com