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Tuesday 4 August 2015

AP Ban Lifting on Transfers

In the Order read above, the Government imposed ban on transfer of employees to ensure stability of tenure and consistent delivery of public services. After a review of the representations of the employees for right placement, the Government has decided to order for temporary revocation of the ban on transfer of employees until the mid-night of August 15, 2015. Accordingly, Government hereby permit the Authority competent to effect transfer of employees under the existing Rules and Regulations until the mid-night of August 15, 2015, in a fair and transparent manner with due consideration for the productivity and efficiency of the employees. 

These orders, however, do not apply ipso factoto the revenue earning departments viz., Commercial Taxes, Prohibition & Excise, Stamps and Registration, and Transport Department; and the Service Departments viz., Health Medical and Family welfare Department,Education (School Education and Higher Education) Department. These departments will approach the Finance Department for issue of orders customised to their requirements. 

The employees of the Directorates of Treasuries & Accounts and Works Accounts and the Zonal and Multi-Zonal cadre posts in the headquarters offices of the Directorate of State Audit, the Commissioner of Survey, Settlement and Land Records and the Director of Economics and Statistics are exempted from transfers. 

The Government hereby order for imposition of ban on transfer of employees effective August 16, 2015. 

AP Transfers Ban Lifting G.O.Ms.No. 98 Download


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