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Thursday 11 June 2015

Memo on Academic Calender 2015-16 Date 09.06.2015

Memo.No.1840/Prog.ll/A2/2015- .
Dated 09.06.2015

Sub: School Education - Academic Calendar for 2015-16 and other academic issues - Instructions - Issued - Regarding.
Ref: From the Director of School Education. TS., Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No.405/D/C&T/TSCERT/2015, dated 25.04.2015 and 30.05.2015
The attention of the Director of School Education, T.S . Hyderabad is invited to the reference cited and informed that in the circumstances reported by him in the references cited, Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accept following proposals submitted by the Director of School Education, T.S. for finalizing the Academic Calendar for 2015-16:-
1.Summative Assessments - Reduction of number of tests to two in place of three as proposed by the Director of School Education T.S.. in his letter dated 25.04.2015 and the schedule for Formative Assessments & Summative Assessments as proposed in his letter dated 30.05,2015 are accepted.
2.Conducting the SSC Examinations simultaneously with Intermediate Examination:

For conducting of SSC Examination simu!tnnc5usly'with Intermediate

Examination, it is decided that Commissioner, Intermediate Education

will assess the total number of staff available not only in his

Government Junior Colleges but also Aided Junior Colleges & Private
Junior Colleges and use that staff optimally for the Invigilation work so

that the number of Teachers of Government schools are reduced and

they are taken for responsible works such as Chief Superintendents of

the Centres only. The Director of School Education will also ensure

that the Teachers who are deputed for these duties are mainly from

the Schools where there are sufficient number of teachers available

Even for the SSC Examination, the Director of Government

Examination was requested to take action on similar lines i.e .

deploying Teachers from the Private Aided and Private Schools for

Invigilation work and utilizing the services of the Teachers from the

Government Schools mainly as Chief Superintendents in the Centres.

For Spot Valuation of SSC Examination, Government Teachers only

will be taken.

Change of School Timings:

The revised proposal submitted by the Director of School Education,

TS.. in his letter dated 30.05 2015 is agreed to.

Teacher Trainings:

Regarding Teachers' Trainings, the Director of School Education will

develop the idea further by specifying the honorarium payable and

training module to be developed by SCERT etc.
School Complex Meetings, 6- Academic monitoring of schools to ensure effective implementation of curriculum and achieving the expected learning outcomes, 7- Remedial teaching to address the children backward in basic competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic & 8- Half day Schools- Government accepts the proposal of the Director of School Education. T.S., in his letter dated 25.04.2015 on the above issues'
Besides the above, the summer vacation as proposed in his letter dated 30.05.2015 is accepted. The Extra-curricular activities and Competitions and Vacation schedule as proposed in his letter dated, 30.05.2015 is accepted.
The Director of School Education, T.S., Hyderabad is therefore requested to take further necessary action in the matter, accordingly.

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