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Saturday 2 May 2015

PRC 2015 Allowance

PRC 015 Allowances

ALLOWANCES - Manual of Special Pays and Allowances - Recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission – Revised rates of Special Pays - Orders - Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.                                                          Dated:02-05-2015.
Read the following:

1      G.O.Ms.No.46, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 06-02-1980.
2      G.O.Ms.No.74, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dated: 25-03-1987.
3      G.O.Ms.No.352, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 25-11-1989.
4      G.O.Ms.No.112, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 20-03-1990.
5      G.O.Ms.No.203, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 30-03-1990.
6      G.O.Ms.No.312, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 24-07-1990.
7      G.O.Ms.No.216, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 27-05-1993.
8      G.O.Ms.No.101, Finance & Planning (FW.TA) Department,dt:18-3-1994.
9      G.O.Ms.No.363, Finance & Planning (FW.TA) Department,dt:29-10-1994.
10      G.O.Ms.No.139, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 02-04-1996.
11      G.O.Ms.No.268, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 31-12-1997.
12      G.O.Ms.No.130, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 24-08-1999.
13      G.O.Ms.No.264, Finance & Planning (FW:TA) Department, dt: 15.10.2005.
14      G.O.Ms. No.233, Finance (TA) Department, dated:10.08.2006.
15      G.O.Ms.No.118, Finance (TA) Department, dated: 07-04 -2010.
16      G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance (HRM.IV) Department, dated: 18.03.2015.


In the Government Orders first to fourteenth read above, Government have sanctioned Special Pays to various categories of Government employees at different rates from time to time.

2.           In the Government Order fifteenth read above, Government have sanctioned Special Pays at different rates to various categories of Government employees basing on the recommendations of 9th Pay Revision Commission, 2010.

3.           In the Government Order sixteenth read above, orders were issued for implementing Revised Pay Scales, 2015 based on the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, to the State Government employees.

4.           The Tenth Pay Revision Commission has recommended inter-alia, enhanced rates of Special Pays and also recommended that no Special Pays be paid to any category over and above of what is recommended.

5.             The Government have decided to accept the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission and accordingly hereby order that Special Pays be paid at the revised rates as indicated in column-4 of the Annexure to this Government order to the holders of the posts specified in column-2 of Annexure.

6.             The Revised Special Pays indicated in the Annexure to this order are admissible only to those already drawing the amounts shown in column-3 i.e., ‘existing’ and wherever both 'Existing' and 'Revised' Special Pays are shown. In respect of those categories for whom Special Pay is sanctioned afresh, no amount is shown in column-3 of the Annexure i.e., existing amount.

7.           These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.05.2015.

8.             Necessary amendments to the Manual of Special Pays and Allowances shall be issued in due course. 

G.O.Ms.No. 56 Dt. 02.05.2015 Allowances - Download


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