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Wednesday 8 April 2015

SSA Utilization of Grants 2014-15

 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Telangana, Hyderabad Hyderabad
Guidelines on the Guidelines on the utilization of Grants 2014–15

 The following guidelines are issued for utilization of various grants released under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan during 2014-15.
1. School Grant School Grant School Grant (@ Rs . 5,000/- for PS, @ Rs. 12,000/- for UPS Rs. 7000/- for UP Sections of HS)


The provision for primary school is Rs.5000/- per school per annum. Upper Primary Schools having I to VII or VIII Classes are to be considered as two schools i.e. Primary School (I to V) and Upper Primary School (VI to VII or VIII) for sanction of School Grant. Hence, an upper primary school is eligible for an amount of Rs.12000/- (Rs. 5000/- for PS + Rs. 7000/- for UPS) towards school grant. Therefore, an amount of Rs. 12000/- has to be released to Upper Primary Schools (I to VII or VIII Classes) towards School Grant. High schools will be released Rs.7000/- Utilization Purchase of games & sports material. Procurement of science lab material, games and sports material in case of upper primary and high schools. Utilizing grants to Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations Purchase of soap liquid and towels for hand washing of children. Stationery, Xeroxing, Procurement of Radio (if not available) Provision of stationary for conducting exams.

Guidelines on the Guidelines on theutilization of Grants 2014–15 -Download


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