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Wednesday 8 April 2015

Strike Period as Special Casual Leave

“Samaikyandhra” Strike Period as Special Casual Leave

Employees Strike for the “Samaikyandhra” movement-Regularisation of strike period as Special Causal Leave, vide G.O.Ms.No.33 Dated: 31-03-2015.
In response to the calls given by their representative associations, several categories of employees of the State Government of Andhra Pradesh participated in general strike during the periods from 13.08.2013 to 17.10.2013 and 06.02.2014 to 20.02.2014, opposing the decision of the Government of India to bifurcate the erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh.
The Government has issued orders, in effect to sanction Earned Leave for the period of absence of the employee. Where employees did not have adequate Earned Leave in their account, it was ordered that the earned leave available will first be exhausted and the shortfall will be considered for sanction as Earned Leave to be earned, and shall be adjusted from the future credit of Earned Leave for that employee. Only in case of employees retiring within one year with effect from 13-8-2013, if such employees do not have adequate Earned Leave in their account, it was ordered that any eligible leave be considered for sanction after exhausting the available Earned Leave.
In respect of those employees who on the date of commencement of the strike, are on sanctioned leave of any kind, either on private affairs or on medical grounds and whose leave period falls in whole or part of the strike period, no orders for cancellation of such leave shall be issued by the leave sanctioning authorities on any ground. And they are to be treated as though they are continuing on leave and the benefit in paragraph five shall not be admissible to them to the extent of sanctioned leave.

G.O.Ms.No. 33 dt. 31-03-2015 –Click here to Download


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