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Tuesday 7 April 2015

GIS Revised scales Interest Rates

Group Insurance Scheme

Government has been introduced for Employees in place of Family Benefit Scheme w.e.f. 01.11.1984. In the said G.O. the employees have been classified into (4) Groups i.e. Group A, B, C and D depending upon the scale of pay drawn by them. Consequent on implementation of Revised Scales of Pay, 1986 to the State Government Employees the groups based on the scale of pay, consequent on the implementation of Revised Scales of Pay, 1993,1999, 2005and 2010 respectively.

Corresponding proposed Slabs in the Pay under Revised Scales of Pay, 2010

of Groups

Unit of Subscription (Rs. 15/- per each Unit)

1. Rs. 18030 – 55660


8 Units Rs. 120

2. Rs. 11860 – 42590


4 Units Rs. 60/-

3. Rs. 8440 – 33200


2 Units Rs. 30/-

4. Rs. 6700 – 23650


1 Unit Rs. 15/-

GIS Implementation in RPS, 2010 G.O - Download

 Revised rate of Interest on accumulated Savings Fund Communication of Tables of benefits for Savings Fund 

Revised rate of Interest GO.85 dt.29.03.2010
Revised rate of Interest GO.Ms.148,Dt.6.6.12 Revised GIS Tables
Revised rate of Interest  GO.126 dt.29.05.2013


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