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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Earned Leave preservation

Preservation of Earned Leave for attending the during the summer vacation

The Ninth Pay Revision Commission submitted its report to the 
Government on 05.12.2009 and recommended, inter alia that, “The 
Commission, accordingly, recommends that the regular State 
Govt. employees may be granted earned leave at a time upto 180 
days on par with the employees of the Govt. of India”.

Amendment to rule 82 of Andhra Pradesh Fundamental Rules GO.114 dt.28.04.2005
Earned Leave at a time from 120 days GO153 dt.4.5.2010
Rc._No._2038-c1-Open School earned leave for teaching  non-teaching employees_for_2012
Rc.132 Dt 16-5-12 Instructions to HMs to attend SSC work-Preservation of ELs for during summer vacation (1)
Rc.132 dt.30.5.2013 Preservation of ELs for SSC Advance Supplementary Exams 2013
Rc.132_30th_may_HM and clerical  staff  to  be  present during summer 17th may to 11th june
RC.212 RMSA-MAY2011
Rc.362 dt.16.11.13 Guidelines and Instructions for Preservation of Earned Leaves to Teachers
Rc.2038-Open School SSC & Intermediate Examinations 2012 duty ELs
Rc.No.3337 dt 20.06.2012 Social Welfare Employees EL Preservation
Surrender without following the gap of 12 months. surrender-11-12


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