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Monday 26 June 2017

How to Calculate CPS deduction in RPS, 2015 Arrears

Telangana State Government has been given G.O.Ms.No. 91 for payment of 9 months arrears of RPS, 2015  i.e 02.06.2014 to 28.02.2015 in 18 equal monthly installments. Instruction has given for these arrears vide Memo No 647/117/HRM.IV/A1/2015 dt. 13.06.2017. In this Circular said about CPS employees contribution according to the Circular Memo 509-A/102/A2/HRM.V/2015 dt. 03.06.2015 

"In respect of employees who come under NPS/CPS, Govt. have already issued instructions to deduct 10% of Pay + DA towards arrears contribution to NPS/CPS on revised pay under RPS 2015 w.e.f. 02.06.2014 vide Memo No. 509-A/102/A2/HRM.V/2015, dated 03.06.2015 and the same shall be complied while drawing arrears, if not earlier complied. The arrears shall not be paid without such compliance."

Earlier Treasury department prepared link for Revised Pay Scales 2015 fixation and arrears preparation, In that software CPS Arrears calculated on IR also, PRTU TS represented to Treasury department with examples how much loss every month with that wrong calculation. Treasury department accepted our representation and same has been represented to Finance department to 70 crores were required for Payment of CPS Employees Contribution.

  • Difference for month of My (PRTU TS) calculation - Treasury Calculation earlier (970-470=500)
  • Approximate calculation taken like below  
  • Monthly Difference : 500 
  • Period : 12 months 
  • No. of Employees : 1,10,000
  • Matching Grant Required = 500 X 12 X 110000 = 66 crores 
  • rounded to 70 crores 

DTA letter to  Finance Department Lr. No.D3/1838/2015, Dt; 06-05-2015 - click here

Finance department has been given instruction to deduct 10% of Pay+DA  on Arrears of every month as CPS contribution vide Circular Memo No. 509-A/102/A2/HRM.V/2015, Dt. 03.06.2015.

As per Memo No 647/117/HRM.IV/A1/2015 dt. 13.06.2017 arrears of 9 months of RPS, 2015  i.e 02.06.2014 to 28.02.2015 in 18 equal monthly installments as per Appendix -II, which is earlier submitted for Revised Pay Scales 2015 fixation.
RPS, 2015 Arrears Circular Memo No. 647/117/HRM.IV/A1/2015. Dt. 13.06.2017

The arrears amount for the period 02.06.2014 to 28.02.2015 contains 10% CPS amount also, we have to deduct the 10% of Pay + DA for above said period as per memo 647/117/HRM.IV/A1/2015 dt. 13.06.2017.

To calculate 10% CPS deduction as per Circular Memo No. 509-A/102/A2/HRM.V/2015, Dt. 03.06.2015 to download below RPS 2015 full version and select 10% CPS amount "As per Putta deduction" then take the difference statement.

Verify the the image below as per Putta deduction

Further I will try to give the information about RPS arrears when the link established in Treasury DDO request site.

RPS 2015 Full Version - Appendix - II & CPS 10 % deduction - click here



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