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Wednesday 29 June 2016

VVS Recruitment

    Engaging the services of (9335) Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees (SMCs) with an Honorarium of Rs.8000/-  per month in the Academic Year 2016-17 vide G.O.Rt.No.97 SE Dt. 29.06.2016
        The DSE will allot the number of Vidya Volunteers to be engaged District wise, based on the Enrolment Data of the Schools  for the Academic Year 2016-17 and by taking into account the regular Teachers working, the vacancies available and based on the norms issued vide G.O.Ms.No.11, School Education (SER-II) Department dated 15.6.2015 about rationalisation of the Teacher posts and Staff under various managements viz., Government, Zilla Parishad and Mandal Praja Parishad Schools.
        The Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad had informed that due to non-availability of regular Teachers in the Schools in the districts, he has permitted the District Educational Officers to engage the services of 1606 (One Thousand, Six Hundred and Six) Vidya Volunteers, through School Management Committees where there are no regular Teachers  available in the Schools on the day of the reopening of the Schools i.e 13.06.2016 for the Academic Year 2016-17 and  requested the Government to ratify/ confirm  the action taken in the matter.

       The Government  ratified the action of the  Director of School Education in  permitting the District Educational Officers in the State to engage the services of (1606) Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees  in  the Schools, where there are no regular Teachers available for the  year    2016-17.

G.O Ms.No 97 Dt. 29.07.2016 - Download

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