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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Pensioner Family Pensioner G.Os

Pension G.Os Family Pension GO Gratuity G.O
  • Payment of the balance of 25% of the full pension to the family pension beneficiary or to the legal heir in cases where the pensioner died before the finalization of the enquiry and the further proceedings have abated

         G.O Ms. No 76 Dt. 02.05.2011 

  • A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980–Orders issued in G.O. Ms No. 87, Finance & Planning (FW-Pen. I) Department, dated 25.05.1998 for calculation of pension based on the pay last drawn–Extension of the benefit to all employees retired prior to 25-05-1998 and surviving on that date–Orders of Hon’ble A.P.A.T. dated 03.01.2002 in O.A. No. 50303 of 1999 and 329 of 2000 - Implementation

         G.O.Ms.No. 223 Dt. 15.12.2014 (AP Pensioners)

  • Government hereby accord permission to go on Voluntary Retirement on private affairs from 01.09.2013, in relaxation of Rule 43 of APRP Rules 1980. The Government hereby direct the Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad, to sanction pension proportionate to his service completed, as the individual has not rendered required service of (20) years, to sanction full pension as eligible under the rules in force.

        G.O.Ms.No 51 Dt.24.08.2013 

  • Government after careful consideration of the matter hereby ordered that all the retired Government employees and their dependents to avail the option of drawing medical reimbursement amount in the office where the employees last worked or in the District Office of the Department concerned where the retired employees has settled after his / her retirement. The expenditure on medical reimbursement of retired Government employees and their dependents shall be debited to the following Head of Account :

                      2071 Pension and other Retirement Benefits
                      01 Civil
                      MH 800 Other expenditure
                      SH (06) Medical Reimbursement of all types of Pensioners (to be opened)
                      040 Pensionery Charges
                      043 Medical Reimbursement (to be opened)

        After disbursement of medical reimbursement, the amount may be apportioned between the two           States as was done in the case of Pension and pensionery benefits.

        G.O.Ms.No. 17 Dt. 16.09.2014

  • Payment of share of gratuity in the case of a Family Pension beneficiary / One of the share Gratuient / Legal heir is missing or whereabouts are not known – Amendment of para 14 of Appendix-I of A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980

        G.O.Ms.No. 343 Dt. 22.12.2012

  • Enhanced Gratuity to the Pensioners against whome the PPOs were already issued taking into account the Revised Dearness Allowance Sanctioned to state Government Employees subsequent to their retirement for which they are entitled.

       G.O.Ms.No. 151 Dt. 08.06.2012

  • Amendments to clause (a) and (b) of sub-rule(10) of Rule 50 and sub -rule (3) 0f the Andrapradesh Revised Pension Rules,1980

       G.O.Ms.No. 245 Dt. 04.09.2012

  • The Principal Accountant General (A&E), A.P., Hyderabad in the reference read above, has informed that his office has hosted an electronic pension cum provident fund final withdrawal application form which would streamline the entire process of applying and processing of pension. The electronic form is available on the website http://www.agap.cag.gov.in and use of this form would ensure faster and more effective capturing of data by the pensioners and the pension sanctioning authorities when applying / forwarding the proposals for the pension. It would also ensure quicker processing and finalizing of pension cases and it also enables uploading of scanned signatures and protographs. Since these are incorporated in the pension authorizations also, the process of identification of the beneficiary by the treasury becomes easier. The enclosed annexures elucidate the changes enunciated in the online application. Applicant can take print out of the application in desired number of sets, sign at appropriate places and can submit to the Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) for approval. PSA in turn would fill up his portion of the application online and would take a print out which he would forward along with Service Books to AG after signing at appropriate places. The general instructions for filing the data online are enclosed as Annexure I & II.

        G.O.Ms.No. 228 Dt. 24.08.2012

  • Amendment to F.R. 54 (5) and FR 54-(B)(7), F.R. 26 (b)(ii) for counting EOL for sanction of notional increments and Pension

        G.O.Ms.No. 307 Dt. 03.12.2012

  • Recommendations of PRC 2010 – Categorization of Family Pension beneficiaries - Family Pension to the childless widow of deceased pensioner even after remarriage - Family Pension to the widowed/divorced daughter, irrespective whether she became widowed /divorced either before or after the retirement of employee

        G.O.Ms.No. 315 Dt. 07.10.2010

  • Training period of employees – Reckoning the period as qualifying service for the purpose of pension

        G.O.Ms.No. 69 Dt. 28.04.2011

  • The Andhra Pradesh Revised Pension Rules, 1980, stoppage of Payment of Provisional Pension to a retired Government Servant immediately following his conviction by a court in corruption and misconduct cases

        G.O.Ms.No. 26 Dt. 05.02.2013

  • Inclusion of widowed/divorced daughters and dependent parents in the definition of family for purpose of family pensioner – Amendment

        G.O.Ms.No. 203 Dt. 04.06.2010


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