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Thursday 2 July 2015

AP RPS 2015 Teachers Software

RPS, 2015 Software

Employees seeking for the G.Os regarding Revised Pay Scales, Andhrapradesh State Government Issued Four G.Os but it’s not enough for prepare bills.   I Preferred RPS, 2015 software with the proposals of Pay Revision Committee Report.

RPS 2015 PRC 2015

AP Teachers RPS, 2015 Version - 2.3 Download updated as per G.Os

All departments Software RPS 2015 - 2.3 Download update as per G.Os

Principles of fixation of pay in the Revised Scales of Pay of 2015:

Government employee holding the post under the Government on 01.07.2013
  • To remain in the existing scale of pay i.e RPS, 2010, or
  • Enter into the RPS 2015 with existing pay as on 01.07.2013

Date of next increment in the Revised Scales of Pay, 2015:

The next increment of a Government employee whose pay in the Revised Scales of Pay of 2015 is fixed on July 01, 2013 in accordance with the principles specified in rule 6 shall be on the date on which he would have drawn his increment had he continued in the existing scale of pay.

RPS, 2015 Version-2.1 Updated as on 02.07.2015 

Please మీరు మీ web site lo క్రింది file ను download చేసిన file కాకుండ www.putta.in కి డైరెక్ట్ లింక్ ఇవ్వగలరు. ఎందుకనగా నేను update చేసిన ఫైల్ కాకుండా పాత ఫైల్ మీ సైట్ లో ఉండడం వల్ల నాకు ఫోన్ కాల్స్ వచ్చి update చేయమని అడుగుతారు.


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