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Wednesday 15 April 2015

GO 38 Automatic Advancement Scheme PRC 2015, 10th PRC Recommendations

Telangana Government has been released one more important G.O for Revised Pay Scales 2015 i.r GO 38 Dt: 15/04/2015 regarding  Automatic Advancement  Scheme PRC 2015, as per the 10th PRC Recommendations.

On the recommendations of Ninth Pay Revision Commission, the Government issued orders in G.O.Ms.No.93, Finance (PC.II) Dept., dt. 03.04.2010, modifying the earlier orders issued by extending the Scheme to the employees upto and inclusive of Grade XXV in the Revised Scale (i.e.) Rs.25600-50560 as against the scales of pay upto under Grade XXI. It was also ordered for fixation of pay under FR 22-B for those employees who are promoted after availing the benefit of Automatic
Advancement Scheme and if the above fixation results in, the senior drawing less pay than that of junior, the pay of the senior shall be stepped up w.e.f. the date of promotion of the junior to a figure equal to the pay fixed for the junior in the higher post to which he/she is promoted on or after 01.07.2008, subject to the conditions laid down therein, with monetary benefit from 01.02.2010. Further, Government also ordered that if the Service Rules are changed imposing additional qualifications, for promotion after the entry of the individual into service, he shall be allowed the benefit of the next scale contemplated under Special Adhoc Promotion Post Scale instead of
denying the benefit of promotion and consequently the benefit of SPP-I/SPP-II Scales.

Those who benefited from this dispensation cannot claim the benefit of SPP-I or II even if they acquire the necessary qualification at a later date. Subsequently, the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Workers and Teachers of the State, represented for change of periodicity of the Scheme as 6/12/18/24 years of service from the existing provision 8/16/24 years under Automatic Advancement Scheme. Government have agreed for the change of periodicity from the existing 8/16/24 to 6/12/18/24 years, for appointments under the Automatic Advancement Scheme and accordingly orders were issued earlier. Subsequently, necessary memos issued which is referenced will be continue in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 were implemented.

G.O.Ms.No 38Fin.Dept Dt.15.04.2015 Download


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