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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Discipline actions

Disciplinary Cases G.Os 

All Government Employees are governed by the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964. Any violation of the said rules amounts to mis-conduct and for such mis-conduct disciplinary action shall be initiated as per the procedure laid down in Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (CCA) Rules, 1991. 

On allegations made against the Government employees disciplinary cases are initiated in accordance with the rules in force, and wherever necessary inquiring authorities are  appointed to inquire into the articles of charge against such employees. Instructions were issued for expeditious completion of the inquiries and a normal time of 3 months and 6 months is allowed in simple and complicated cases, respectively. Where the inquiries
are not completed as per the allowed time, the Secretary to Government of the  administrative Department concerned at Government level shall review all the disciplinary cases against employees in respect of Head of the Departments under his control and also at the field level and shall submit a note to the Chief Secretary to Government duly recording the reasons for non-completion of the inquiries and to circulate the same to the Honourable
Chief Minister. It is also the responsibility of the inquiring authority to complete the inquiry within the allowed time, otherwise, such inquiring authority shall be held responsible for the delay, which deserves penal action.

Violation of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules GO.680 dt.01.11.2008
Disciplinary Cases – Completion of inquiries GO.679 dt.01.11.2008
Employees acquitted by trial courts GO.593 dt.21.10.2011
Promotion of the employees to the next higher category GO.529 19.08.2008
Reinstatement of suspended Government servants into service after reviewing suspension orders GO.2285 dt.18.05.2012
Review of orders of suspension of Government Servants GO.526 dt.19.8.2008
Authorization to Inspectors of Police of Anti-Corruption Bureau to make arrest without a warrant  GO.Ms.635 dt.15.10.2008


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