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Tuesday 7 April 2015

CPS Related G.Os forms

CPS G.Os and related applications

            Employees those who are appointed after 01.09.2009 covers under New Pension Scheme, Their Compulsory Saving an amount of 10% on Basic +DA then Government also credit same amount to their PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) Account.

            Employees facing so many problems while implementing this new scheme in this regarding their CPS related G.Os and application were provided below. 
Government Orders

CPS Contribution 8% Interest from 1.4.2011 GO.142 dt.17.6.2013
CPS GOS 653_654_655
CPS-90percent of DA Arrears of earlier periods will be paid in Cash GO.22 Dt.22-1-13
Erroneous amount CPS amount of  Memo.No.5594 Dt 23.05.2014
Exit Policy Withdrawal Procedure for Subscribers from New Pension System GO.62 dt.7.3.14
GO 250 CPS Implementation NPS in the  State
Memo.2557 Dt.20.02.2013 Updating of CPS Subscriptions from DOJ
CPS to GPF  those who are in service before 1.9.2004 GO.336 Dt.20.12.13 (Spl.V.Vs)
Spl.VVs will be transferred CPS amount to their GPF Accounts. Memo No.1737 dt 17.11.14

 Application forms for Newly Subscribers

DDO Registration Application form N3
PRAN Application Form S1
DDO Covering Letter Form S5
Treasury Covering Letter Form S6

 Application forms for Changing of Information earlier entered

S2_Subscribers Details Change Form
S8_DDO Covering Letter to Change Subscriber Photo _Signature

 Closing of PRAN forms

102_CPS_Premature Withdrawal Form
401_CPS_Additional Nominee Form
Annexure B_ Documents  to be attached to Withdrawal
Form 103-GD-NPS-Withdrawal Form by claimant due to the death cases
NPS Withdrawal Form Retirement


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