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Monday, 22 August 2016

Formation of New Districts / Re-organization of Districts

Telangana State Government has issued G.Os to formation of new Districts or Re-organisation of Districts

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Obsequies Ceremony (Funeral Charges) Grant Head change amendment

Telanga state Government have enhanced the obsequies charges from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) to all categories of Government Employees to meet the expenses on obsequies ceremony, in case of death while in service vide G.O.Ms.No.122, GA(SW) Department, Dt: 11.04.2016. 

U.O.Note.169/A2/BG/2016 dt: 04.06.2016 the Finance (BG) Department have requested to amend the detailed head of account as “310-Grants-in-Aid. 318 – Obsequies charges” instead of “310-Grants-in-Aid. 312 – Other Grants-in-Aid” under respective Major, Minor and Sub-Head of account of the departments concerned,


310 – Grants – in – Aid
310 – Grants – in – Aid
312 – Other Grant – in – Aid
318 – Other Grant – in – Aid

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

VVS Recruitment

    Engaging the services of (9335) Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees (SMCs) with an Honorarium of Rs.8000/-  per month in the Academic Year 2016-17 vide G.O.Rt.No.97 SE Dt. 29.06.2016
        The DSE will allot the number of Vidya Volunteers to be engaged District wise, based on the Enrolment Data of the Schools  for the Academic Year 2016-17 and by taking into account the regular Teachers working, the vacancies available and based on the norms issued vide G.O.Ms.No.11, School Education (SER-II) Department dated 15.6.2015 about rationalisation of the Teacher posts and Staff under various managements viz., Government, Zilla Parishad and Mandal Praja Parishad Schools.
        The Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad had informed that due to non-availability of regular Teachers in the Schools in the districts, he has permitted the District Educational Officers to engage the services of 1606 (One Thousand, Six Hundred and Six) Vidya Volunteers, through School Management Committees where there are no regular Teachers  available in the Schools on the day of the reopening of the Schools i.e 13.06.2016 for the Academic Year 2016-17 and  requested the Government to ratify/ confirm  the action taken in the matter.

       The Government  ratified the action of the  Director of School Education in  permitting the District Educational Officers in the State to engage the services of (1606) Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees  in  the Schools, where there are no regular Teachers available for the  year    2016-17.

G.O Ms.No 97 Dt. 29.07.2016 - Download

Friday, 17 June 2016

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Medical Reimbursement Extended Up to 31.12.2016

Government of Telangana has extended the Medical Reimbursement facility parallel to the Cashless Health Treatment vide G.O.Ms.No.74 Dt. 08.06.2016

The issue of joining of some of the Hospitals in Employees Health Scheme is still under discussion. Hence there is need to extend reimbursement scheme to run in parallel with Employees Heath Scheme. 3 Accordingly Government after careful examination hereby extend the orders issued in the reference 10th read above to the effect that both the schemes of reimbursement and the employees Health Scheme to run in parallel up to 31-12-2016 or till further orders which is earlier. 

G.O.Ms.No. 74 Extension of Medical Reimbursement Facility - Download

Monday, 30 May 2016

ELs preservation Instructions

Director of School Education has directed to preservation of  ELs for worked during summer vacation vide Rc.No. 362/E1-1/2-13 Dt. 16.11.2013

All the District Educational Officer in the State are informed that, the teachers Association are frequently requesting to issue clarificatory instructions to all the District Educational Officers with regard to preservation of Earned Leave to teachers and other employees  working in schools as all the Deputy Educational Officers and MEOs are not following uniform procedure. Therefore, the instructions are hereby reiterated in connection with prevention from availment of summer vacation and preservation of E.L. 
1 The teaching and non-teaching staff working in the schools / Educational Institutions who have availed the vacation / summer vacation, 6 days of E.L. in two spells i.e. three (3) days from 1  January to 30  June, and three (3) days from 1  July to 31  December in a calendar year may be credited to their leave account as per G.O.Ms.No.317, Education (Ser.V) Dept., dated 15.09.1994. 
2 Prevention may be accorded during vacation including summer vacation as per the need and necessity and exigencies of work viz., examination related work / training etc. 
3 Regarding prevention of the staff to prevent the following staff from the Educational Institutions. – (1) Headmaster, (2) Junior Assistant / Record Assistant, and (3) Office subordinate. If there is no Junior Assistant / Record Assistant, Seniormost teacher may be prevented from availing of summer vacation, in any case the prevented staff should not exceed three (3) persons. 
4 Any prevention of teaching / non-teaching staff during the vacation / summer vacation should be by a general or special / specific order of higher authority / competent authority.  
5 Ruling 15 under FR 82 is that “If a Government servant of the vacation department does duties during vacation and separately remunerated therefore, he should not be considered as having been deprived of vacation.” However, the teaching and non- teaching who are prevented from availing vacation / summer vacation for attending the duties such as preparation / revision of electoral rolls, enumeration, census and received remuneration shall not be treated as remuneration in terms of G.O.Ms.No.35, Edn., dated 16.01.1981 and G.O.Ms.No.355, GAD, dated 19.05.1991. 
6 Regarding remuneration paid in connection with attending the examination work viz., spot valuation and instant examinations, receipt of TA and DA during training programmes shall be treated as remuneration and does not comes under prevention. 
7 The Number of days of prevention/summer vacation shall be considered to have foregone vacation is the one that actually spent in attending to the duties assigned in terms of G.O.Ms.No.114, Finance, dated 28.04.2005. 
8 In any case the total number of E.Ls., acquired by virtue of prevention of vacation/summer vacation shall not exceed 30 days (inclusive of 6 days). st th st st 
Therefore, all the District Educational Officer in the state are requested to take necessary action in the matter.
This has the approval of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

Rc.No 362/E1-1/2013 Els preservation guidelines - Download

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Health Cards Add and Delete - method

Employees Health Scheme is intended to provide cashless treatment to all the State Government employees including the state Government pensioners, along with their dependent family members through a network of empanelled hospitals of Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, in lieu of the present medical reimbursement system. The scheme will provide treatment in Network Hospitals for all the listed therapies.

Employees getting problems in add the dependents and some employees getting problems to delete from the beneficiary list. 

To Add members :

Step 1: 

Login the EHS site http://www.ehf.telangana.gov.in/ by using Employee Treasury ID as user name:
if you know the password enter it. If you forgot your password, select the option to get the password to registered mobile number after getting the password login. 

 Step: 2 

Click left side option button "Initiate New/ Rejected Beneficiaries

Step: 3

By clicking on the above said option then opens a window 

Initiate New/Rejected Beneficiaries

If you have not added any beneficiary in main application or If you want to remove any beneficiary Click Here
you just click on Click Here link

Step: 4

Click on Add New Beneficiary button

Step: 5

Here First ask Date of birth, by submitting the date of birth if age below 5 years directly asks for information of beneficiary, if age above 5 years it's asks aadhar number then takes other details. By submitting your dependents information will be started for verification by all steps completed you may get process information. 

Beneficiary Deletion :

Earlier added dependent name now want to delete from the beneficiary list. 

Step: 1 

Click left side option button "Any Issue or Compliant

Step: 2

Here ask for Any Issue or Complaint
If you have any issue or complaint while using the portal Click Here 
click on Click Here link 


In this window Enter your details all are compulsory and mainly which beneficiary you want to delete their information and Health Card number of that person. You have to give the clarification why you are requesting to delete beneficiary along with aadhar link deactivation. 
Here one more important information about attachment it's not mandatory but they are not accepting without Attachment.

Attachment: write a request letter to Aarogyasri Health Care Trust with reason why you are dependent name deletion along with aadhar link deactivation. DDO's attestation must take on this letter. 

మీరు ఎవరు ప్రస్తుతం మీ మీద ఆడరపదట్లేదో వారి వివరాలు మాత్రమే మరియు DDO అటెస్టేషన్ చేయించి పెట్టండి. 
 Now click on submit button 

  • In some cases they instructed to submit request letter along with DDO's attested by mail to  ehfts@aarogyasri.gov.in  
after completing the work you will get information.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Employees retired on Medical Invalidation Compassionate appointments to Dependents

Scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependents of Government employees who retire on medical invalidation, as per the judgment of Supreme Court of India in Civil Appeal No.4210/2003 dated 12.08.2008 filed by Sri V.Sivamurthy and others - Adaptation to the State of Telangana vide G.O.MS.No. 183 Dated: 24/05/2016
Whereas by virtue of Section 3 of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 (Central Act No.6 of 2014), the State of Telangana comprising the territories specified therein has been formed on and from the appointed day i.e., of 02.06.2014: and

      And whereas, in section 101 of the Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act, 2014, a provision has been made for the purpose of facilitating the application of any law(as defined in section 2 (f) of the Act), made before the appointed day, in relation to the State of Andhra Pradesh or the State of Telangana, and appropriate Government may before expiration of two years from 02.06.2014, by order, make such adaptations and modifications of the law, whether by way of repeal or amendment, as may be necessary or expedient, and thereupon every such law shall have effect subject to the adaptations and modifications so made until altered, repealed or amended by a competent Legislature or other competent authority: and
       And whereas, the orders on the scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependants of Government employees who retire on medical invalidation as per the judgment of Supreme Court in C.A.No.4210/2003, dt:12.06.2008, filed by Sri V.Sivamurthy and others issued in the G.O. first read above are in force as on 01.06.2014: and
       And whereas, after careful examination, Government have decided to adapt the said orders in G.O.Ms.No.661, G.A.(Ser.G) Dept., dt:23.10.2008 which are in force as on 01.06.2014 for the State of Telangana.
     Accordingly, the following Notification will be published in an Extra-ordinary issue of the Telangana State Gazette, dt:24.05.2016.

          In exercise of the powers conferred by section 101 of the Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act, 2014, (Central Act No.6 of 2014), the Government of Telangana hereby order for adaptation of the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.661, G.A.(Ser.G) Department, dt:23.10.2008 to the State of Telangana with certain modifications as shown below.

1.   (i) This order may be called “The scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependants of Government employees who retire on medical invalidation orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.661, G.A.(Ser.G) Department, dt: 23.10.2008 (Telangana Adaptation order) 2016.

(ii)  it shall be come in to force with effect from 24.5.2016.

    2.   In the said G.O.,
(i)           through out of the contents of the said orders, for the words “AP”, the word “Telangana” shall be substituted except in para-13 therein.
(ii)          In para-14(1) of the said orders for the words “AP Revised Pension Rules, 1980” the words “Revised Pension Rules 1980” as applicable to the State of Telangana shall be substituted.
(iii)        In para-16(i)(e) of the said orders, the word “SVIMS” shall be omitted.
(iv)         In para-20 of the said orders for the words “A.P. Pension Code”, the words “Pension Code as applicable to the state of Telangana” shall be substituted.